Burn Victim ft Nizzy Neal

from by D. Lee

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D. Lee:
Rooftop spittin,
I'm gon hit it til I'm lifted
Call me Doctor Lee,
You can come and get your prescription
I'm a menace to society
Whenever I'm in the driver’s seat
Smokin on the loud
You can smell it off in the distance
I'm a chemist cookin flows
Probably took me a couple minutes

See me and Nizzy Neal,
Probably thinkin a couple misfits
What is it?
‘Cause my killer charisma
And his skin is tinted?
I'm like,
Fuck your ethnics
Bitch, I heard it from Kendrick

Listen when I say
Gotta think with your own brain
And the people try to convict you,
Ignore them feel no pain
Stop worrying about the game
And just focus on how you play
I'm talkin bout the game of life
I'm so high off a low strain
Feel like Im seein ghost things
Like the Warrens, Ed and Loraine
Dang it stain my brain

How you expect me to stay the same?
My life crashed like a plane
That was seen through a fatal frame
You would think Andrew Carnegie
From the way that your boy trains

Fast lane livin
Is a givin
And I'm gifted
So I'm rippin
Any beat,
Dish this heat
To all of my district
Preachin to all who's listenin
To this twisted
Mind of mine,
Full of crime
And its lined
With bars like a prison
But they freed the beast in me
When they tried to make my decisions,
Try to run up in my house
Just to tell me my light is missin,
Times are different

Used to pinch them pimples
That defined my pigment,
And hold my moms close
As her eyes soaked
And she cried for minutes
Never mind my attendance
In middle school,
I was never cool
Constantly getting ridiculed
No wonder I was missin school

Authorities and Ivy League
Askin who is me,
It's D. Lee, motherfucka
I came from that Nakomi street
I don't do your all’s essays,
Or make them good test grades,
It don't benefit me
I'm cool with a C or D
Why criticize me
For an 18 on my ACT

I could spray at teens
Like applying sun screen
At Marteen’s
To dodge the sun beams
While I jump on the trampoline
Bounce back like a spring
I'm not wet
You missed your shots
I got the top spot
And I cut the net,
I cut ya neck,
Watch you hold your throat
As you choke on your own fuckin breath,
Watch your every step
In this mine field
‘Cause my rhymes kill

Once upon a time,
I was inclined
To climb my hill
Get over it is what they told me,
But I still

Fill my mind with emotions and pain,
So I let my rhymes spill
Fill my mind with emotion and pain,
So I let my rhymes spill
Fill my mind with emotion and pain,
So I let my rhymes spill
I still
Fill my mind with emotion and pain
I find heavy notions
Of rain within these verses,
I tried my best to stray from these curses

Nizzy Neal:
Some may look to the future for life's question
Pisces in my blood,
So my knowledge overprotective
Threw the key in the ocean,
Told Poseidon to keep it a secret
Now it's back to seekin
Reasons why god put me on earth breathin,
Music is my love
I can't put a ring on a finger,
I'm a 19-year-old
With a dream trying to master his believin,
Not stoppin till it's completed
Or my body stop bleedin,
Reaching for my destiny planet,
But my jet pack keeps jammin
I'm just working in silence
Til y'all see progress in my actions
I been low-key plottin
Waiting to take advantage
Always feel life was school,
‘Cause I'm always getting tested
God puts me in situations
That he knows I overtake
Illuminate the evil,
Then I'll learn from my mistakes
Took a lil break from music,
Just to find my inner place
Bounced back like explosions
With a smile on my face, yeah,
With a smile on my face
On the road for success,
But it feels like figure 8’s
With a lot of boarded gates
Gotta find the right path
To determine my fate
So grab the keys to believe
And we'll succeed
So grab the keys to believe
And we'll succeed

D. Lee:
Grim reaper posted
With a scythe here
He don't fight fair
In this third dimension,
He turned me to a burn victim

Fill my mind with emotion and pain,
So I let my rhymes spill,
Fill my mind with emotion and pain,
So I let my rhymes…


from 3D, track released April 16, 2017
Songwriter: D. Lee
Vocals: D. Lee, Nizzy Neal
Mixed & Mastered by: JK-47
Beat Produced by: L. David




D. Lee Lexington, Kentucky

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