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Let’s talk about the cake
Which you know I’m tryna rake in
Doing what I love never misunderstaken,
The work from the best,
LTO is what I’m talkin ‘bout
Bitch you ain’t even heard about
We got the whole fucking crew straight from Nakomi,
That’s ya girl bitch cause she probably fuckin know me
Better yet,
The whole fucking gang knows her
We all got in right after Robert
And you know its motherfucking thesis,
Know we all got,
Our motherfucking reasons
Matter of fact,
It’s not a reason it’s a passion
LTO gang always ready, never slackin
Turning heads like a hat call me Ash Ketchum
You know LTO’s gonna grind ‘til that mansion
One twenty-six years young in the speakers
Dog clear vision,
No fog
I feel like a bird when I’m soaring,
My wings, never stop enjoyin,
Can’t you feel the energy,
We never be desertin
Like the whole crew was hanging like some curtains
LTOs what I’m talkin ‘bout when you fuckin hear me
I got the whole crew and they always stay near me

D. Lee:
Yeah brother,
I swear I hear you clearly
And I guarantee your energy
Is never disappearing
You were always steering me
In the right path
Now your gone and my eyes teary
Think I might crash
My best lad,
No theory that's my facts
And it laps in my mind weirdly
Just hearing your life passed,
Like my Dad’s,
I just want my home slice back
Still send you messages,
Wondering what you'd type back
Always had my back
Insight when I write raps,
And you would give me tips
Like the homie took a five-pack,
Difference in the deliverance
So from your wishes to writtens
I transcend it to rhythm
And spit it to give it right back,
To this energy pool
Everyone swimming
Is intended to listen attentive
To the waves yeah, that's my splash,
You should fix ya lenses to the IMAX
Savior of the daylight homie set the time back,
Never had stage fright,
See it then I hijack
Wish I got that hang time
With you think my mind’s mad,
Yeah I could define sad,
But that's not my task
I would rather fight back
Hear me cut it like slack
Knife raps I recite latched
On your sight stab slice slash
And the bypass where they rhymes at
While my mic staff height passes
The flight class like Shaq after nice pass
In the sky lab with an ice pad I master
My craft yeah, I'm cold,
LTO gonna blow like ignitin glass

I feel like a bird when I'm soaring,
Victim of a burn
Still occurring with the soreness,
I will never forfeit
Know these words worth a fortune,
The current of the flourist
That I'm surfin with the verse
Exerting forces of importance,
Determined to restore it,
No choruses oh no the flow coursin
Through all my organs,
So gold like bro’s soul
In his whole recording and it gone glow,
Long Live Caleb Jordan Hallett,
Holder of the chalice,
Defender of attackers,
Authentic rapper,
Author with a passion,
Baller with a talent,
Heart full of gallant,
Far from the malice,
Often we relax talkin back on the address,
213 hurt beings with the sadness
Hard to look past when the darkness is active
Parked in the back
Where it happened just askin
Can't get it out my mind,

Homie left the Air Force
To care for my shine
Something’s not straight,
I tried to align
He had so much faith in my rhymes at the time
So I told him,
“Just think,
the answer is inside you,
if you don't find it
then I promise it will find you.”
Next day text came
saying that,
“It's time to
grind through your next tape,
homie I'm beside you.”

Leb thanks Leb thinks
Part of being mindful,
Sick type 1, type 2
When I write flu,
I prove when I type too
It's the right shoe
Fight through when the typhoon
Strike like Zeus sight pool
‘Cause the cycle of this life cruel
I school so it's my rules when I guide you
Time to
Be insightful
I supply you with rhymes stew
That's mind food
Homie let your eyes chew

I choose to win the game and it's blowout,
No holding out
When I show out
For my bro now,
So loud the whole town felt the soul sound,
Finna show crowds the threat till it's sold out,
Finna hold down the Lex like it’s a slow drown,
Slow down slow down yo that's yo crown,
Close mouth for the shit you bitches
Really don't know nothin ‘bout,
This is where the summit meets the underground,
Know the homie holding down
The LTO now the swag clothes out

Focus on the dream get my peoples out them trenches,
I’m in all game
I don't even touch them benches,
Fuck a timeout I'm a motherfuckin menace,
Lions comin in a minute
They say that success is at the back door
Well I'm bout to bust down the motherfuckin hinges,
I don't give a fuck
Chuck up
The I don't give a fuck,
Finger flyin high wit them pigeons,
Let another nigga see my sight
And that nigga get livid
Ooo my sight real fuckin vivid
Bars like prison,
All you gotta do is give me a beat
And I slice wit precision
Me and bro gettin it
Like sour shit
Yea you know that we spittin it
Chain gang,
Gold chains hang like a cliterous
Yea I know you feelin this
Hatin but it won't work,
Thanks for ya diligence
Know I'm deadly
Like the islands of Gilligan's,
Step up wit caution
Force like militant,
Wings always soaring
So you I know I got a vigilant
My eyes in the sky
Vision range is so limitless,
Had to pause for a second,
Fuck it,
Let me get back on track
I got the formula just like Similac
Gotta watch for them snakes
Hidin in em cracks
Oh shit you can't reach em
Like a back scratch
Won’t stop anytime soon
Like a fully automatic
You are just the string
Hangin off of the fabric
Ballin like Dirk on the Mavericks
Watch it disappear
I bring it back like magic
Spring on yo ass
Like a mattress
Von Keef the topic,
Throw you in a marsh pit
You better get ya coat boy,
I'm colder than the Arctic
Temperatures the harshest
Pencil in my harness,
Sting you like a hornet
Cook you like a Forman
Then treat you like a doorman,
Adios near the lion’s den
You hear the roarin
Young bull like Ben Gordon
I'm flyer than a comet
Send shots like bad comments
I’m not wit that nonsense
Blunt rolled so fat that bitch look like the Lockness
Take one for Leb just to relieve my conscious
LTO 4 life I promise

Feelin like a bird and I'm soarin,
All the love you gave me
My wings feel enormous
Man I feel you with me
Whether sunny or it's stormin,
Only with your help
Man the devil, I ignore him
Shit ain't been the same since you gone bro
Death comin like rain
Need a poncho
You know you'll always be the head honcho
LTO bars come in bulk
Like Costco
I live for your love
I live for your love
I know you up in heaven man I know you up above
I know that Imma see you
And you know I'll have a blunt
3 grams in the wood,
You already know wassup
Reminiscing on them days
We was vibin in the cut
Nissan whipping,
I just call you pick me up
Man them was the days
We knew how to live it up
Catch us at the party
With some gin up in our cup
Yeah pinky finger up
Like I'm sippin on white wine,
Fuckin with me,
Better be ready to fight mine
LTO gang,
Yeah we snapping on sight man
Well-protected, Operation is a lifestyle
Never lettin up man the grind is a lifestyle
By the time we done
Lextown gon be a pipeline
For this rap game, LTO gon be the lifeline
RIP Caleb Hallett

Tucker aka Lane Allen:
All the feathers on my wings
And I still enjoyin
Any weathers regardless I still deploy it,
Mr. Sawyer, I am Tom
Through any annoyance
My voice is too soft
Pick a choice up I toss
Breakin boys legs with the cross
And we do it for the lost
Like a boss not a single care in cost
I'm not gonna stop
Gotta rev it to the top
And I'm hoping he can watch
Need to turn it up a lot
Like I hop in the scotch
We the profits we the pros I deposit all the gold
At a fort in a forest
With his soul from the origin
So it's gorgeous and it's scorching
Know my fortune and the coordinates
Need no cookie for my portion
‘Cause we cooking all four courses
What’s your sources
We all strong as some horses
And my biggest importance is getting it for him

Yeah, gang’s what I live for
Ballin like Leb
Blowing smoke out the window
It's Kev and I spit cold
That's really what the team does
Flying in that spaceship
Scottie got me beamed up
Leb told me speak up
Now my energy’s tryna keep up
If I fuck a bad bitch
She'll bounce that ass
Til next week come
But forget a bitch
If she tryna dodge a pre-nup,
Running in these streets,
Gotta show em what the team does
So now I'm all around
And I do it like the sneakers
Never on the bleacher,
Glad I'm on Leb's feature
I was there when he spit the real
Off the meter
Tucked nine millimeter
Drop the roof rhyme realtor
You know what the fuck is up

Nizzy Neal:
LTO going up like uppercuts,
Got a nigga in his bag yeah, I'm ruffled up
In Leb I trust so I'm buckled up
The common storm never been so dangerous,
Posted like Jahlil on the block,
They say time is money,
So I’m stayin on the clock
Take no breaks no such thing as stop
Won't clock out till I know we reached the top,
Livin lavish
Walk on stage in front of thousands,
You know we got the juice,
So we sell it by the gallons
Chain gang and I rock a gold medallion,
Do it all for you RIP Caleb Hallett,
My bro had the sauce
Should of came with a salad
The realist of them all
You can go and check the ballots


from 3D, track released April 16, 2017
Songwriters & vocals: Caleb Hallet, D. Lee, Keef Hendrix, BD, Lane Allen, Kev, Nizzy Neal
Mixed & Mastered by: JK-47
Beat sample: "All Your Fault" by Big Sean; original song "How Much I Feel" by Ambrosia




D. Lee Lexington, Kentucky

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