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Just what you expected
Hard as erection
You can't deflect it
Better hit the gym
Your chances are slim call it anorexic,
You skinny
I'm winnin
Just stop pretendin
I'm not a hippie
Pray for peace and pray for love
Stop praying for a fuckin semi,
Automatic transmission
Times are hard when your band’s missin,
Can't even stop at a stop sign
Without having your fuckin van missin,
I guess there's no law
Forget what the pigs told y'all
Want to make someone your bitch
All you gotta say is no balls,
But no more
And for sure
Of course I'll take four more,
Or five,
Talkin bout the years of my life
You never know
When it's time to go
All I know is its time to flow
Olympic shit gotta get the gold,
20 sack gotta get it rolled
Like four tires
When I'm drivin down
The motherfuckin road,
I said I'm swole,
Swollen like no circulation
All these hoes perpetratin
For penetration
And they ain't patient,
Start upstairs
Then they get to tastin
What I'm keeping
In my basement,
You scared yo
I'm the captain like Jack Sparrow
Hit your bones
With bow and arrows
Leave em leakin bone marrow,
Two tone scarecrow,
So I crop you like a photo
If you not my type like proto
Watch for pigs when I blow smoke,
In other words no dynasty
But I stay duckin the popo,
Watch the corners
For suitcase magazines
Waitin to unload,
I gotta get it,
My description is mighty vivid
Like up close views
Through a scope zoomed
To the highest distance,
If I don't like it
Then I eclipse it
And block it out
While I'm walkin round this town
Where my name bout to be renown
And you know what is going down
Every time that I throw a noun
Or an adjective
D. Lee makin actions
Like an activist
Other MCs aren't passionate
They some pacifists
While we stab slash this shit
Their rappin is so inaccurate
We mattress em,
How could you think
That we ever match with them,
Ain't even I leave em bleedin
Like Neegan I put bat to em,
Mood killed that Lucille
Swingin and shatter em,
New thrill at the blue field
When battin practice lit,
Gag em and shackle fist
To stash em in the cabinet
Dump em where a driver ask em
Ass gas or grass bitch,
There forced to either hijack em
Or find a new path to hitch
But then that would be takin risk
Because they see a lake with mist,
Some Jason shit
I face a fifth and then take a dip,
Make a flick
Go and off your head like save the script,
Satanists praise this shit
Like the Sith praise Darth Bane
My heart pained from sharp razor clips,
Rule of two
I'm good and evil I rule the two,
Prove to you
This pool of dark power is dangerous
I paint the picture
Of a flower in caged abyss,
Waiting for the rain to hit
For hours just to take a sip,
Escape the pit
Once his strength raise to make its lift,
Make its hit
And drop it to the block so they can take it in
Imma bomb insurgent
Atomic verses
When Robert’s workin,
Rock the earth
With a zombie curse
Like my name
Was Rob Kirkman,
I got physicals and digitals,
Tron skirmish y'all turnin
Invisible when I pen this long sermon,
Wrong turn Hannibal Robert
The wrong person
To fuck with
When his stomach just throbs
And he's blood thirsty,
Scary as Harry murderin
Vernon Dursley With Ron lurkin
I'm convinced your swearin
Fraud words wearing Converses,
I just claw and gnaw
Easy through my attackers
All y'all saw 3D
The final chapter
I'm in the lead
Like McQueen
Thats an LED
Plus an ‘n’ then an ‘ing’
Get what I mean, no question
I'll leave em guessing
While he restin
So in other words
My flows are heard
In the depths of his dreams,
No medicine for the pestilence
I'm possessin
Get on the beat and possess it
Confessin it to the priest,
Enter my life it's time to strike
Like matches all on these mics,
A match with me might
Have you gasping for life,
Like a guy who took a leap
Off a high dive
And the bottom of the pool
Was right in sight,
Like a knife he cut the surface
There's no emergence
‘Cause he sees the light
My flows are ripe
Minus the E
So it's RIP
Like Whitney
You think you got D. Lee so simply,
I rip free
Then proceed
To break legs
And take heads
Then poke em on spikes
At the open mic when I'm flowin nice
Hopin that 3D
Really make y'all mad
I conceived a breathin monster
Like I'm Adolf’s dad
I’m gone


from 3D, track released April 16, 2017
Songwriter: D. Lee
Vocals: D. Lee
Beat Produced by: Obvious
Mixed & Mastered by: JK-47




D. Lee Lexington, Kentucky

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