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I got
209 notes in my phone
Make this 210 if it's fluent
I'll post like Malone
Losing my balance
Scrounging for talent
I know that I'm boundless
For a cost I can't afford
It's lost and I never found it
Thoughts of malice pounding
My conscience knockin the loudest
If I spoke out of my zone
You wouldn't know it's like I mouthed it
Rose of the thorns
Resilient one in a million or countless
They sproutin out of a mountain
With a name I can't pronounce
I got that flame you cannot douse
With a thousand fountains,
Thou shall not doubt him
I only doubt myself
I felt as my mind clouded
Like hotboxing I melt
My friends boxed with Suboxone
And H damage was dealt
I stay dodgin the toxin
It hunts for the human pelt
Almost dropped Jocelyn my sista
Before she went to that cell
Learned a valuable lesson
So powerful you cannot tell it to no one,
Try to expel but can't spell it out
Expecto patronum
I'm by my lonesome
Just ponderin
‘Bout the pond
Where the swans are in,
On the surface there's peace
But beneath it is where the monster is
If I unleash it too early
It's sure to emerge a consequence
Imma hold it in till the apocalypse
I got this shit

Yeah I got this hit
Tell em it's nauseous sick
The only option is
To show the world what awesome is
Why you think I hit every verse like an arsonist
Fire in the booth
Like it’s the Brookeview apartments kids
Yeah I got this hit
Yeah tell em it’s nauseous sick
Only option is
To show the world what awesome is
I just want to take
The game home and foster it,
Polish it
I'm positive that hip hop is this

I got
So many brothers
So many others
That love and care for me
There for when I'm outnumbered
Demons are spirit hunters
I've had to overcome hundreds
I swear that they keep on coming
They lust for eternal slumber
Puff on this herbal budda
Blooming in early summer
When the birds chirpin
I'm curb perchin
And word dispersin
I put a verb on a shirkin
Watched it murk then recurved it,
Drop the merch and its purchased
No longer search for my purpose
In this mirthless merciless earth with
Curses and hurt
Devils in churches
To be divergent you gotta work
So my verses modded superb
Like a Murcielago swerve
I'm determined to mark my turf yeah
I got it those are my words,
Honest we on it
You not its
Can all get purged
Lextown Ops in this
Opposite of obsolescence and dirt
Clean as a clerk
Growing like spurts and blowing up first
The crosses go on our shirts
Like we've been knowing the nurses

I got this shit
Tell em I’m nauseous sick
Only option is to
Show the world what awesome is
Why you think I hit every verse
With my hardest shit
Target it with my heart
And then market to lift
The charts a bit
Yeah I got this shit,
Yeah I’m the hottest kid
Only option is
To show the world what awesome is
I just want to take
The game home and foster it,
Polish it
I'm positive that hip hop is this

I got
This like George Lopez
All I know is devotion
I been flowin since Nizzy Neal
Crashed the moped
When we was coastin
No oceans
It was Laramie Drive that KY
Can't spare the time just know this
If your LTO
Be prepared to fly like a GoldCrest
They cannot catch the culprits
That left no prints when they broke in
My mixtape’s a machine,
Every verse is a token
Of gratitude to my dreams
Until my heart stops like a code red
But I know death enough
To know that there's no death and we’re free
It's hopeless to be engulfed in stress
I'm so blessed to just be,
D. Lee,
3D the bars are crime sprees
Stars are rising
That’s all of my team
In Twenty-18
Are gon’ be named kings,
Follow thy creed
That's what you believe
I keep faith in you
‘Cause schemes are HD
Shout to KG, shout to Von Vee,
I'm not complete
Without my army
‘Cause they are me,
Tucker, Buckman, Nizzy
Let's start living largely,
Get to barging into parties
I missed the Greek life
I'm not a Harpie
My Gs gon’ ignite I'm talkin’ RP
Just keep the beat right
For David R Lee,
I've been the far least
To stop marching
‘Cause the heart beats
Gotta far reach,
You know that I got it
And I'm so hypnotic
And the flow is polished
On fleek,
Edge of ya’ll seats
To hear the don speak
It's been a long week
I reach the top peak,
I saw the false leave
And then frost seized
Give me hot please
‘Cause the cops freeze
Let the fox free
Just unbox me
Ain't no side b
I'm not Siamese
I'm just high key
Hype that I'm me
And my posse
‘Bout to cross seas,
Inside bright,
Need sunscreen
The number one team
That you brought me
LTO Gs, we the hot league
And we gon proceed to move with godspeed

Thank you


from 3D, track released April 16, 2017
Songwriter: D. Lee
Vocals: D. Lee
Mixed & Mastered by: JK-47
Beat Produced by: JK-47
Beat sample: "Devotion" by Earth, Wind, & Fire




D. Lee Lexington, Kentucky

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