from by D. Lee

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She don't even deserve
A fuckin thought in my head
So instead,
Imma switch it to a different topic
Just to keep from gettin nauseous
There's this empty spot
In my bed
“Look what you said,
D. Lee I think your slippin caution.”

Never knew
It was so appealin to
Or portray a feelin
For someone that's fake,
Find a fill in
On the first day that it breaks,
Know it's killin
And devastates,
All hope disappearin
When you've been replaced,
Eyes tearin
And mind fearin what might await,
Never nearin
The cousin of death, I was wide awake
Listenin to OD,
It made me want to dedicate
This rap to you
And opposites attract, it's true
Yeah we were like night and day
But through all the differences
You made me feel some type of way
I told you that often
Because often I would contemplate,
Why you never thought you were beautiful,
Throw those thoughts away
‘Cause baby girl your far from the usual,
There's a shot to take
Out this Newport
Aquarium glass that you bought me,
Nowadays when I see it
Good times of the past do haunt me,
But I refuse to let it stop me

‘Cause I know I'm a person
Of something that's real,
As a kid all I wanted
Was some hope,
And momma’s meal
That's what I prayed for,
My vision so divine
Like, “Please,
can I get an extra-cheese
to the 639?”
And as time passed,
I got over that first verse
And accepted it as a curse
I’d reject it if it returned,
I'm past it
I just see it as another bridge burned
And the ashes
Are hopeless love
From the lovers that never were,
So I'm dashin
Or dream castin,
Tryin to catch a different vibe
And I caught it,
Now my energy is clashin with a dime
So sublime every time
I feel her touch,
Long nights in each other’s clutch,
We love to discuss
Our lives and the creation of the universe
The conversation turned to vacation,
I ain't even left the room with her
I just grew with her,
In an amazin and a special way
I can't describe it,
Let's keep vibin, baby
Let’s keep vibin
I play some Kendrick
While we kick it
And she click rewind it,
Continue kissin
While we listen
To his gifted rhymin
Break down the lyrics and I'll answer questions,
I can feel your spirit and my soul connected,
“I love your necklace,”
She said that my soul was beautiful,
She wanna see my work,
I told her step into my cubicle
She lay beside and tickle scratch as I begin to rap,
Start droppin lines
Then look her in the eyes and now I'm trapped,
I see a map
Of the shimmering stars above
And the sensation
That's takin over me is
Like hard drugs,
This is our love
Robert step your guard up

There's no need,
I know she won't leave
When the flow conceived
On a dope beat,
Only to set my soul free with
No fees, no teases
I own it, no lease
We roamin with no leashes
We’re growin together closely
Like it's supposed to be,
HipHop, that real OG,
I'll never forget what she told me


from 3D, track released April 16, 2017
Songwriter: D. Lee
Vocals: D. Lee
Mixed & Mastered by: JK-47
Beat Produced by: JanuaryArts. Sampled from Earl Sweatshirt's 'Faucet'.




D. Lee Lexington, Kentucky

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