Intro ft Nizzy Neal

from by D. Lee

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D. Lee:
Welcome to the jungle,
Where you catch yourself in a scope like Hubble
If you don't comprehend it,
Bullets seek you like attention, you puzzled
All you seen was the light off the muzzle
Then a long white tunnel
Detectives see a body and a puddle

You gotta hustle for rewards and that's for sure
Fuck puttin out a single, I release a double
‘Cause my life's a struggle
Try my best to stay out of trouble
I pray to keep the devils voice muffled,
But that motherfuckers always tryna cuddle
In other words, he stays close
With flaming horses and a stagecoach
Crooked smile with straight teeth white as a fallen angel

I get deep as submarines
When describing these crazy things, shit is naval
And it's just so painful
I pray to receive a halo
Somewhere over the rainbow
Rihanna under the umbrella
Fuck it, I'll wear a raincoat
Illuminati if you want my heart and soul
Then just say so
I'll wreck you like tornados
Put bodies in frozen lakes yo
That's case cold

Like my flow they watching like a Seiko
Stalking while I'm walkin from Nakomi onto Waco
Pick up the pace, I see the sunglass face and official plates
These officers tryna take and erase all of my queso
Hit em with the blades I am Kratos,
These fake hoes blow like some nasal nostrils they’re just imposters Tryna be Robert
But they just some waste bro, like upper hips,
Hit em in upper lips,
When they run their mouth like a race yo
The case is closed,
Your time has come like it's intercourse

I've been at poor addresses
With no lock on the door
Pretendin to be vendin
So they knock on the door
Open up to guns totin up with shots in your pores
And it gets messy bring a mop to the floor
Before you call a cop be hopeful
This local sin is loco,
Sodom and Gomorrah

I reach out I speak loud for Lextown
My vocals is horse
I try to ride and life is jeopardized, I deny to be corpsed
Because that life would be short
Gotta fulfill my destiny, make it to privacy shores
And get Momma Lee a new Porsche
That she can sport,
And Father Lee a big mansion cause he's a big man
Couple thousand acres worth of land probably four

I'm ballin like life is my court
When I drive by the Nakomi sign
I say, “Fuck the 369!”
I'll buy the whole drive because I can afford,
And I can eat more,
And it's time to record,
The whitest instore
But in this jungle, I'm a lion that roars

Nizzy Neal:
The only way to alleviate the trifecta
And to make our lives better is to put our minds together
And unify severed ties to find connections
With divine essence we rhymin to redefine effort

The only way to alleviate the trifecta
And to make our lives better is to put our minds together
And unify severed ties to find connections
With divine essence we rhymin to redefine effort

D. Lee
Welcome to the Third Dimension!
Where we live and where we die
Some stay blind,
I hope you get this
D. Lee’s Determined to Destroy,
I recognize this game is a war and I've been deployed

Be aware, be very scared,
I'm droppin it like 400-dollar rent on my lair
I'm confident the time I spent got me hoppin like hairs
So acknowledge it if you rockin with this,
Then you should share

Stare, into my eyes as I meet my demise
And die by electric chair
Then rise and accept that there’s nothin fair about livin
So cherish what you are given
Me and my closest homies can't see both parents at Christmas

If you ever needed me I’d be there in an instant,
Pullin up in that red Buick, views aflare when its whippin,
And it will tear any victim and Pigs mission turn to COD,
Inside me I got G O D,
Don't need prayer or assistance

Now let's get this, don't wanna miss this,
He's just gettin started but Robert is finna end this,
JK, 47 know my flow is endless
And my chromosomes are in this
So the beat gon’ be replenished
And this heat never diminished

I seek and cease your existence
If your sentence containing a premise that's weak and defenseless
My dreams are of interest,
Keep pushin even if it's fatal
Since the April of ‘97 I've been deep in the trenches

War, incense burns deep within this kid
But the scent is of jealousy and anger, in danger, swear the cliff is,
No more than a couple inches in front of my toes
Oh no, I can hear the devil whisperin for me to go
He said,
‘D. Lee just leave it all behind,
look at your rhyme scheme and find that it's nothin prime,
please don't shine, forget about grind and ease your mind ‘cause 3D is feces.’

Then put it all on one line
On a page as wide as the sky is high
So I can climb it to the top, and never drop
Grind like Tony Hawk talkin never soft
Live for hip-hop, and Imma live for my Pops,
And Imma give everything I got to give to this rock


from 3D, track released April 16, 2017
Songwriters: D. Lee, Nizzy Neal
Vocals: D. Lee, Nizzy Neal
Mixed & Mastered by: JK-47
Produced by: JK-47 Produktionz
Beat sample: Kendrick Lamar “The Wild” Instrumental




D. Lee Lexington, Kentucky

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