Quantum Foam

from by D. Lee

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Sharpening my thoughts like a Japanese Kendo,
Sitting in the middle of a room,
So silent
I feel my soul vibin to the tempo
I look out of the window,
All I see is fire in the streets like a Kendal
I can't retire till I reach my peak like a widow
Keep gettin higher I feel like I'm eye to eye with the Central
Bank building,
With one leap I soared across to the Hilton,
They asked “Who is me?”
I said, “Lee!”
I am the General,
I am the gentle, giant
I am the kindest
I am the finest
Who be raisin the climate

I am a temple,
Got a light on top of me shinin
I pray that it don't start dying out
My lifestyle’s so sinful,
And believe me I be trying
They lyin saying it's simple
Fucking hypochristians eyeing me lookin to get a fistful,
Prying on ya boy cause the way that he's been assembled
It's all about the love not about being judgmental,

In middle school my peers used to judge me for my pimples,
Glasses, super crooked dentals,
My self-esteem was crippled
But I'm past it
All the fuckin laughin, but I still I kept it passive
Even tho my initial reaction
Was to attack em,
Combat them
I wanna slap them,
And fuckin cap them
They always ask him,
“D. Lee why you rappin bout murder in your flow?”
“Well 'cause if not I would cop a glock and start murdering you hoes!”
Concerned to see your bro puttin these people in danger,
I drop bars with violent crimes just to relieve my anger,
Like me and my slimes doing drive-bys out of my LeSabre,
Clearing out blocks one house at a time shouts to you and your neighbors

I'm gon try to savor this energy while it lasts,
And use it to counteract
With the negatives of my past,
Been too many rainy days on my shady forecast
Held my head above the water using my craft as a raft,
Imma float on,
Yeah Imma get my promote on
Work harder than busy days at The Ketch whenever we're understaffed,
High as a bird’s nest my ideas about to hatch
Started from scratch like an infection,
Robert is a rash,
On the face of the universe
It just started with a crash
Primeval fireball, all the energy smashed
Scientist know it all chemistry and that math,
This rap is a bowling ball
It strikes em all
Like a match made in heaven

The day that I'm ejected I’m gon step into my home
God reminds me every day through quantum foam
He ensures me that through my trials I'll never walk alone
He told me his heart sparked and made the fireball explode
Said religion and scientifics shouldn't go toe to toe
That energy was His love it made reality unfold
I pondered it for a second then realized that I suppose
It makes sense

My brain shifts into a brand-new mold
It's as if I cracked the code
And now my heart is made of gold
And I know that your perfect
I’m hopin that I can show,
You that I am a good person
Who’s trying to serve your purpose
Forgive me my lord and savior
The serpent can take control,
Yeah the serpent can take control
He ain't the only snake in the grass,
That's why I keep it mowed
Yeah I know that last line ain't nothin original,
But nonetheless it's real talk and it came straight from my soul
Made me think about the demons
That came straight for my soul,
Without a reason
Except relieve em
Of Jesus that he holds so close and dear
Deer in the road,
I steered then hit a pole
My fear is growing old,
My tear is the Holy Ghost
Informing me my motive
Roasted a sinner because he chose
To do wrong instead of right,
Bring the dark instead of light,
I told myself "Improve your life"
And hope your health is still alright
And help your mom get through the night
And rock a show up on the mic,

Let me get back on topic,
Word to J. Cole right
Growing wings just like an eagle
Before your boy had no height,
I wrote a little something for my people and it goes like,
“We all equal!”
I’ve been praying for a sequel
To this life
‘Cause the other side is deceitful
Don't mind me
I'm just tryna dodge the evil
Yeah don't mind Lee,
He know Lucifer can be lethal


from 3D, track released April 16, 2017
Songwriter: D. Lee
Vocals: D. Lee
Mixed & Mastered by: JK-47
Beat sample: ”Must Be Love" by Cassie ft Puff Daddy




D. Lee Lexington, Kentucky

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