Realm ft J. Sherb

from by D. Lee

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J. Sherb:
We about to blow
The motherfuckin roof off,
Like we be
In the streets
And shoot off
At two dogs
It's J. Sherb and D. Lee
In the lead
Like Rudolf
Your crew soft
My crew hard
Like croutons
Who poop
On the weakies who can't rap
And snooze on
Our flow,
Like the alarm sounded off
But you still on the futon,
Yo we be on the beat
And dreaming of Tupac
We’re too hot like two cops
In shoot offs with do das
My shirts off my shoes off
Step up and you'll soon drop,
Your too off I'm too on
Like your girl on new cocks,
My flow hot my group hot
Like boob jobs and who thought
I’d spew hot,
Flows that'd be clean
Like my new socks
When you got
The skin that is white
As the tooth of
A model for new gum,
I chew on
These beats like a bone
I'm a dog and look
All the foods gone
So who's on
The menu
I guess that would be you, dog
I guess that would be you, dog
I been killin rhymes since
I was sayin goo gah,
I'm too raw
I'll shoot y'all
If you call my homie out,
I'll make you shout
Until you need a new jaw
And it's to God
I pray and say,
I need some moolah
To buy my mamas new car
Shoot y'all,
Have no idea
What she has been through,
All my love is for her,
Without her
There wouldn't be no Sherb,
So you got to know,
Why I do all my flows
Is to take what she gave me
And use it to prove y'all
A point that I don't need no math class
To be the motherfuckin ruler
Why you sittin staring stoned,
Like you lookin at Medusa

D. Lee:
You want to come to Nakomi,
Peep your head inside the door
See what's unfolding,
There's probably four or five
Hordes of rhymes scolding,
Fresh out the mind of ya homie
I'm keepin it locked like Goldie,
Don't approach me,
Until I'm done with my verse,
Don't try to coach me
Lord knows I don't carry a purse
But I cemetery the words
That I speak put em under earth
Watch me burn em all up to pieces
Unleashin this uttered curse
Yeah it's frequent when I'm superb,
Better cut to reverse and retreat cause,
You and your fleet just
Took a turn for the worst
And my feet,
Planted on the street
Like seeds in the dirt,
Going all out on these beats
There ain't no need to conserve
Yeah my name’s D. Lee I'm for sure,
That Imma beast when I hit the beat I prefer
To let it sink until it's deeply submerged,
You suckas
I put you under now your sleepin occurs
For the rest of time
That's infinity yeah steez has confirmed,
Rest in peace till He returns
As the great forty-seventh
One hand on hell the other on heaven
My grip is so firm
Enter my realm where discretions advised,
But don't get the wrong impression, my lines
Are just confessions
Of lessons I've learned
Like the question occurs,
Is she the right one,
Or is it her?
The one you think about
For five months,
Get dumped and then it hurts
Like you lost it all
And now you goin through withdrawal
And thinkin bout that body with no flaws
In a summer skirt, ugh
You try to keep your head tall
But it doesn't work, ugh
Hearts too far in the dark,
It entered enemy turf
That's where lucifer lurks
Yeah he's tryna purge your soul
For certain do as me
And flip the negatives,
Become a better person


from 3D, track released April 16, 2017
Songwriters: D. Lee, J. Sherb
Vocals: D. Lee, J. Sherb
Mixed & Mastered by: JK-47
Beat sample: 'Nostalgia' by Pusha T ft Kendrick Lamar




D. Lee Lexington, Kentucky

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