See D Massacre ft Devine Carama

from by D. Lee

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Prepared for the worst
I stopped hoping for a cure
Stop drop and roll a blunt
Fire up like all my words
Bullets full of potential
To hit ya mental and curve
Through your cortex
To hippocampus a bird landed
And told em D. Lee’s disturbed
And he can't even stand it,
It relieves his planet of a giant mind
To find the time to write his rhymes
Deep as Atlantis,
The peak is abandoned but my incline
Is steep as Titanic in oceans of iodine
I die stranded
Me and Devine just dismantle it,
It's cancerous to the man
With a spiteful chant that wishin
That a vital slam would hit to,
Rash land the ship gasoline can bic
Lighter lit where this canvas is,
Fire spit spit fire sick the entire mix,
Liar quit
You gon tire quick with those spider kicks,
Itsy bitsy down the spout
Drown em out and smother him,
We was up and in
When you were down and out of advantages

Devine Carama:
I rap concious,
My hat’s common
But attack Carama,
I turn into black monster
With the straps stashed
In the black Honda
Mastered this art since Apple Jacks in the mornin,
A nicer black thought collabin
With a thinner Action Bronson
Who nicer than Devine?
You mice against lions
We sparring with tigers
When we writing our rhymes
I'm Ali leaving Cassius
On these beats when I'm rappin
You MCs weezin with asthma when we,
Weaving and jabbing
With a right hook combination,
Christ book bombing Satan
Might be an abomination
The way my wifey cook lasagna naked
She so exotic she attract legions of savages
With the flow I'm a prophet
They call Him Jesus of Nazareth
Game so dead my flow breathing the Lazarus
To resurrect
And fill in the Kanyeezy the Graduate
MC master,
Y'all see me shining?
Y'all can't see me rhyming
It's a CD massacre

D. Lee:
With Words so sharp
They turn stab victims
To rapparitions you adapt to livin
When your tracks smack like cataclysms,
Subractin ignorance,
Gon leave em pissed like harrasin siblings
Tackle the spittin like fishing
And pass catchers sprintin,
They asses crippling
Hitch a cab to a bad physician,
Rapid frictions for any bad decision
That you had envisioned
Easy pickings for the feast you fastin
Oh yeah that's the difference,
Between us reason I leave ya askin
In the past predicting
When Imma have assistance
With this business on its rad ascension,
If you mentioned
I would say that that's like a pastor sinnin,
A bad description of my shine and Devine’s
We the lions
Read the lines
Re-define what is actually Christian,
Mandala effect
You traveled time to the texts
When they were actually written
And you change em to lies and some threats,
Some establishment shit I'm dissin
His corrupt government,
All untold will unfold you ain't seen nothing yet


from 3D, track released April 16, 2017
Songwriters: D. Lee, Devine Carama
Vocals: D. Lee, Devine Carama
Mixed & Mastered by: JK-47
Beat Produced by: Obvious




D. Lee Lexington, Kentucky

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