Slow Leak ft Keef Hendrix

from by D. Lee

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D. Lee:
This place where I dwell
Is killing me
It's like my
Energy is being drained
It’s a slow leak
I can’t complain tho,
I still got my circle,
No halo
And we up in the sky,
But we way low
My 3D is such a caged hole

I need to climb out
And really find out
What this life’s about and
What the fuck
Feel like I'm trapped
Within this map
I'm tryna find myself,
And on the way I found a sack
I smoke it, then my mind just melts
Crime itself has overlapped
I noticed that the night the cell
Was all I knew and solitude,
Reminding me of my calling, true
Now I'm stallin, flew,
Now I'm falling through,
And calling you
Even though it's causing problems,
I knew it
Hope and pray to stay determined,
I got a job to do

Everybody waitin on the mixtape drop
Got me under pressure,
I can hear the tic tock
In my brain as it sway
From the left and the right
As I speed
Like its grand theft wit my ride,
Don't step to my mind
‘Cause you just might trip,
Respect the perpetual vibe that you get
When aligned with this kid
I am the rich,
And I am the poor
I am the ceiling,
And I am the floor
Chill with a halo,
And kill with some horns
I am the calm,
I am the storm
Just read a Psalm
I'm feeling informed
And I lit up a torch,
Didn’t feel no remorse
Passed it to Vonny,
I guess he onboard
To the operation
Hard as pavement
Hot as Satan, contemplatin
The conservation of energy

Hate but it can never finish me
I'm am infinity
I am the city's serenity
Finicky not
Deliver intensity
Beat is an entity
Hopped out a cemetery plot
Deep as anemone,
In the sea endlessly givin me props,
But that nothin to me
Give me my space
And the homies that have been erased
And a day with my Pops,
So That I could just say everything I forgot
Look at the top,
And I see em all flockin together
There waiting for me to meet em
So that we can all walk in together,
And make it our spot
I'm Spock,
This a trek through the stars
Andromeda right where I watch,
Taking a shot for the sake of reality
Balancing right in this song
You know it's on!
Like its never been off,

Energy leaking like its an exhaust,
Slowly drippin but I caught I every drop
There's no limit to what I got in stock
Demand the supply that I guide this rock
With my guys as we ride through the ominous swamp
And I got it lock to provide for a cause
Which will no longer cost ‘cause I'm stronger with God

It starts as a slow leak,
You can plug the hole as you roam with your homies,
Embark with the bars steadily flowing
With your whole heart, not part of it showing
It starts with a slow leak,
In my old park so sharp when it poked me
Hopin I won't bleed
I won't anymore ‘cause I'm woke,
I’m the Whole Lee

Keef Hendrix:
Road runners...faster than Formula 1
Leave the scene messy like a white girl’s bun
Yea I fuckin kicks it call me Jackie Chan’s son
These other niggas scrub a dub dub,
Like a sponge

Black soul, black as coal, my heart is cold
The remedy keep my anger low, I never fold
Like baby clothes, yea I'm the shit, the smell is bold
Sixth sense I sense fear they gotta go

Staying down for all my squad like ten toes
You ride for me, I ride for you, I'm sticking to the code
And I ain't Irish but I'm fighting, you can call me Joe
There's only one of me and Imma keep it two zeros

One hundred reasons to see I’m glowing just like a beacon,
My flow reachin not peakin that shit they wasn't teachin
I leave you leakin, the preacher preachin, here comes the deacon
He's eatin peaches, he takes one look and start holy geekin

I know my niggas gon roll, you can call em roly polies
Twenty up in my pocket I'm ballin like Ginobili
Pay ya dues it's time for rent
Kush leaving that NyQuil scent,
Supa soak get supa drenched
Hangin wit the woes like lynch
In this game of life, swear only get a few hints
Pressure build producing diamonds
Got my dawgs like Michael Vick
Treat the beat festivities I got the sack it's full of tricks
Don't wanna hear shh shush ya lips
Money talks you whisperin

Hang wit us just bring ya noose
Stack it tall like Manute
Bro hold on, the dawgs is loose
You see the sign, beware the troops
I'm Gerald Green, Lee tossed the oop
Climbin high to reach the peak,
Searchin for divinity
To patch up this slow leak

Cause slowly it is killing me
Slowly it is killing me
The devil try to treat me like an orange, he started peeling me
Looked to the one above to get rid of the negativity
Scavengin so long,
Realized music started healing me


from 3D, track released April 16, 2017
Songwriters: D. Lee, Keef Hendrix
Vocals: D. Lee, Keef Hendrix
Mixed & Mastered by: JK-47
Beat Produced by: Bobby Williams
Beat sample: “Drift” by Alina Baraz & Galimatias




D. Lee Lexington, Kentucky

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