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Droppin bars like a felony
Harder than the hardest,
Regardless of what they're tellin me
It's fire like there's hell in me
Find me where the devil be,
Developin your jealousy
You fellas be enveloped
In a cell that tell ya celery
Is hella needed
To excel the sequence
And be well at peace
Not peace and wellness
And helpfulness rather, selfish greed
Healthiness is true wealthiness,
Or you dwelling brief
I put my heart and soul
In this envelope, and I mailed it free
So my melodies are like boats
And I hope they sail the seas
No sale just streams
Not wholesalin my dreams uh,
I felt the mean
That you held on your self-esteem
That shells your self bein
When being yourself is the self meanin
I felt the grief
That you held in the well steamin
Dispel and melt cheeks
So we scream
Like demons when hells freezin
I felt the beat
Then excel with a well scheme
That prevails and reveals deep
If you retrieve it
Come help us sing it

Lately I've been vapin
And thinkin
I don't need cannibas
Just knowin I can,
Is like opening up a can of bliss,
My new girl, Hip
Told me smokin
Would only damage this,
Ship of relations
We've created
Since my channel switched
I can't admit
That I can submit
And abandon ship,
The way I was flowin
She know I'm the perfect candidate,
She can't resist
The legend, the man, the myth,
I reckon that these MC’s
Watch their steps
But they ran and slipped
Like Santa’s gift
I'm always present
When I'm spittin her,
Deliver her from evil
When the people
Kept her prisoner
No visitors
And death is
What they sentence her
So I had to erase it,
Retrace it,
To change the sentence up
Satan mistakenly
Thinking his hate
Could win this one,
Imma lift the curse
With a written verse,
Lee signature
Head game on sativa
And that body off the indica,
I can tell she's plottin
something sinister

Before I drop the music
Don't listen to it
I listen through it,
Makin sure that the density
Consistin of the remedy,
See a door
Kickin through it
Do it for your penalty
Simple beat
Rippin through it
Fluent like it’s me to be,
Mentally I prove it
Physically I move it
Genuinely till I rule it
Eventually don’t need them bullets
Liftin me
Just let me proceed
To make a livin dream
Stretch it like a limousine
Messin with the killa scheme
Stressin over million things
Tested by the builder’s brain
Excessive texts of brilliant strains
Went back to my silly ways
He sold it to me Billy Mays,
Told me it would heal the pain
That's scoldin through my veins
And make em colder so I'm chill again
Like shoulders when the feelin stain
The owner of the real estate
Zonin out while the rain
Is soakin up his windowpane,
Your chosen focus
Don't feel constrained or ashamed
If you kill the game
Variety ’s the spice of life,
So never let em steal your change

Alarm on the clock soundin
Like heavy shots that's poundin,
The drums in my ear
And it's clear
That I am no longer loungin
Stand up and gain my balance
But what do I find
Nothin because I'm legally blind
And it sets me behind
Opposite of prime
No Optimus my oculus lies,
Yeah my eyes
Is where the problem resides
Try to be prosperous,
Gotta focus like some binoculars
Get my profits up,
Unload thoughts
Like brick and block
Off the top of my poppa’s truck,
Hoppin off the porch
At a young age, I been brave
And it's obvious
That I got brain
Like a fuckin zombie does
Kamikaze pilot
I'm flyin into your monument
I believe we're equal
Just like a communist
But at the same time the people
Should be free like democracy
Ain't no Nazi but the topic
Of the government
Always ends with them stoppin us
But now I'm stockin up
‘Til my army is large
Look the man in charge in his eyes
Tell him try harder it's not enough

Break a leg
Like here's a crutch
And pretty soon
Imma snatch the game
Fuck grabbin a necklace
As an adolescent
Used to look at the crescent moon,
It made me feel right next to you
That's the same reason
Why I'm tryna build these
Connections through my music
Because I know I wasn't the only
Kid in the struggle thinkin he's useless,
So poor
Couldn't even afford
To give his fuckin two cents
Walkin home alone late nights
Just prayin someone would shoot him
That was stupid
Instead I'll pursue
To live my dreams like they was lucid,
I'm a prove it
Give em bars
Like the brother of Tucker Lewis
Another white rapper's heart
That's in the game,
Pray he don't lose it
Like my innocence
Whenever I sin and shit
In predicaments
Ask the pastor I'm the synonym
For sinner who needs improvement,
Until I finish it Imma do me,
For God so loved the world
And that includes me
Need a clover with four leaves
To produce a new Lee,
And truthfully I will remain
This is my heart,
This is my brain,
My legacy and I refuse to change
Rosa Parks, I will never move seats,
And it's to be continued
Reachin to you
Through this loose leaf
Go ahead and stress about my life
All day and night
I hope you lose sleep
Tryna get higher like balloons be
While they’re tryin to parachute me,
Either that or salute me
‘Cause killin shit is my duty


from 3D, track released April 16, 2017
Songwriter: D. Lee
Vocals: D. Lee
Mixed & Mastered by: JK-47
Beat Produced by: CoryaYo




D. Lee Lexington, Kentucky

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