by D. Lee

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David Robert Lee is a 19 yr old music artist from Lexington, KY - a rising hub of southeast indie hiphop/rap. First influenced by Lil Wayne, he started writing and performing at a young age and continued to develop his skill during nightly freestyle rap sessions with his best friends and members of LexTown Operation throughout his high school years. Inspired by gifted talents, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, he created a home recording studio in 2015, sharpening his skill and voice in the conscious rap community. He has been featured on four albums, including *Kingtucky*, *Break Loops and B-Sides* and *Legacy: Devine Carama's Greatest Hits* by Devine Carama as well as *Jone$y and Cobb Ransomm Present: 12 Nights of Lexmas* in 2016. Deeply impacted by the sudden death of his father in the fall of 2015 and the murder of his best friend and music producer Caleb Hallett in January 2016, he released his first mixtape, *3D*, a deep discussion of life, death, love, pain and what it means to be a conscious human being, on April 16, 2017.


released April 16, 2017

Photography: Lockard Photography
Cover Design: Red Pill Creative Consulting




D. Lee Lexington, Kentucky

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Track Name: Intro ft Nizzy Neal
D. Lee:
Welcome to the jungle,
Where you catch yourself in a scope like Hubble
If you don't comprehend it,
Bullets seek you like attention, you puzzled
All you seen was the light off the muzzle
Then a long white tunnel
Detectives see a body and a puddle

You gotta hustle for rewards and that's for sure
Fuck puttin out a single, I release a double
‘Cause my life's a struggle
Try my best to stay out of trouble
I pray to keep the devils voice muffled,
But that motherfuckers always tryna cuddle
In other words, he stays close
With flaming horses and a stagecoach
Crooked smile with straight teeth white as a fallen angel

I get deep as submarines
When describing these crazy things, shit is naval
And it's just so painful
I pray to receive a halo
Somewhere over the rainbow
Rihanna under the umbrella
Fuck it, I'll wear a raincoat
Illuminati if you want my heart and soul
Then just say so
I'll wreck you like tornados
Put bodies in frozen lakes yo
That's case cold

Like my flow they watching like a Seiko
Stalking while I'm walkin from Nakomi onto Waco
Pick up the pace, I see the sunglass face and official plates
These officers tryna take and erase all of my queso
Hit em with the blades I am Kratos,
These fake hoes blow like some nasal nostrils they’re just imposters Tryna be Robert
But they just some waste bro, like upper hips,
Hit em in upper lips,
When they run their mouth like a race yo
The case is closed,
Your time has come like it's intercourse

I've been at poor addresses
With no lock on the door
Pretendin to be vendin
So they knock on the door
Open up to guns totin up with shots in your pores
And it gets messy bring a mop to the floor
Before you call a cop be hopeful
This local sin is loco,
Sodom and Gomorrah

I reach out I speak loud for Lextown
My vocals is horse
I try to ride and life is jeopardized, I deny to be corpsed
Because that life would be short
Gotta fulfill my destiny, make it to privacy shores
And get Momma Lee a new Porsche
That she can sport,
And Father Lee a big mansion cause he's a big man
Couple thousand acres worth of land probably four

I'm ballin like life is my court
When I drive by the Nakomi sign
I say, “Fuck the 369!”
I'll buy the whole drive because I can afford,
And I can eat more,
And it's time to record,
The whitest instore
But in this jungle, I'm a lion that roars

Nizzy Neal:
The only way to alleviate the trifecta
And to make our lives better is to put our minds together
And unify severed ties to find connections
With divine essence we rhymin to redefine effort

The only way to alleviate the trifecta
And to make our lives better is to put our minds together
And unify severed ties to find connections
With divine essence we rhymin to redefine effort

D. Lee
Welcome to the Third Dimension!
Where we live and where we die
Some stay blind,
I hope you get this
D. Lee’s Determined to Destroy,
I recognize this game is a war and I've been deployed

Be aware, be very scared,
I'm droppin it like 400-dollar rent on my lair
I'm confident the time I spent got me hoppin like hairs
So acknowledge it if you rockin with this,
Then you should share

Stare, into my eyes as I meet my demise
And die by electric chair
Then rise and accept that there’s nothin fair about livin
So cherish what you are given
Me and my closest homies can't see both parents at Christmas

If you ever needed me I’d be there in an instant,
Pullin up in that red Buick, views aflare when its whippin,
And it will tear any victim and Pigs mission turn to COD,
Inside me I got G O D,
Don't need prayer or assistance

Now let's get this, don't wanna miss this,
He's just gettin started but Robert is finna end this,
JK, 47 know my flow is endless
And my chromosomes are in this
So the beat gon’ be replenished
And this heat never diminished

I seek and cease your existence
If your sentence containing a premise that's weak and defenseless
My dreams are of interest,
Keep pushin even if it's fatal
Since the April of ‘97 I've been deep in the trenches

War, incense burns deep within this kid
But the scent is of jealousy and anger, in danger, swear the cliff is,
No more than a couple inches in front of my toes
Oh no, I can hear the devil whisperin for me to go
He said,
‘D. Lee just leave it all behind,
look at your rhyme scheme and find that it's nothin prime,
please don't shine, forget about grind and ease your mind ‘cause 3D is feces.’

Then put it all on one line
On a page as wide as the sky is high
So I can climb it to the top, and never drop
Grind like Tony Hawk talkin never soft
Live for hip-hop, and Imma live for my Pops,
And Imma give everything I got to give to this rock
Track Name: Burn Victim ft Nizzy Neal
D. Lee:
Rooftop spittin,
I'm gon hit it til I'm lifted
Call me Doctor Lee,
You can come and get your prescription
I'm a menace to society
Whenever I'm in the driver’s seat
Smokin on the loud
You can smell it off in the distance
I'm a chemist cookin flows
Probably took me a couple minutes

See me and Nizzy Neal,
Probably thinkin a couple misfits
What is it?
‘Cause my killer charisma
And his skin is tinted?
I'm like,
Fuck your ethnics
Bitch, I heard it from Kendrick

Listen when I say
Gotta think with your own brain
And the people try to convict you,
Ignore them feel no pain
Stop worrying about the game
And just focus on how you play
I'm talkin bout the game of life
I'm so high off a low strain
Feel like Im seein ghost things
Like the Warrens, Ed and Loraine
Dang it stain my brain

How you expect me to stay the same?
My life crashed like a plane
That was seen through a fatal frame
You would think Andrew Carnegie
From the way that your boy trains

Fast lane livin
Is a givin
And I'm gifted
So I'm rippin
Any beat,
Dish this heat
To all of my district
Preachin to all who's listenin
To this twisted
Mind of mine,
Full of crime
And its lined
With bars like a prison
But they freed the beast in me
When they tried to make my decisions,
Try to run up in my house
Just to tell me my light is missin,
Times are different

Used to pinch them pimples
That defined my pigment,
And hold my moms close
As her eyes soaked
And she cried for minutes
Never mind my attendance
In middle school,
I was never cool
Constantly getting ridiculed
No wonder I was missin school

Authorities and Ivy League
Askin who is me,
It's D. Lee, motherfucka
I came from that Nakomi street
I don't do your all’s essays,
Or make them good test grades,
It don't benefit me
I'm cool with a C or D
Why criticize me
For an 18 on my ACT

I could spray at teens
Like applying sun screen
At Marteen’s
To dodge the sun beams
While I jump on the trampoline
Bounce back like a spring
I'm not wet
You missed your shots
I got the top spot
And I cut the net,
I cut ya neck,
Watch you hold your throat
As you choke on your own fuckin breath,
Watch your every step
In this mine field
‘Cause my rhymes kill

Once upon a time,
I was inclined
To climb my hill
Get over it is what they told me,
But I still

Fill my mind with emotions and pain,
So I let my rhymes spill
Fill my mind with emotion and pain,
So I let my rhymes spill
Fill my mind with emotion and pain,
So I let my rhymes spill
I still
Fill my mind with emotion and pain
I find heavy notions
Of rain within these verses,
I tried my best to stray from these curses

Nizzy Neal:
Some may look to the future for life's question
Pisces in my blood,
So my knowledge overprotective
Threw the key in the ocean,
Told Poseidon to keep it a secret
Now it's back to seekin
Reasons why god put me on earth breathin,
Music is my love
I can't put a ring on a finger,
I'm a 19-year-old
With a dream trying to master his believin,
Not stoppin till it's completed
Or my body stop bleedin,
Reaching for my destiny planet,
But my jet pack keeps jammin
I'm just working in silence
Til y'all see progress in my actions
I been low-key plottin
Waiting to take advantage
Always feel life was school,
‘Cause I'm always getting tested
God puts me in situations
That he knows I overtake
Illuminate the evil,
Then I'll learn from my mistakes
Took a lil break from music,
Just to find my inner place
Bounced back like explosions
With a smile on my face, yeah,
With a smile on my face
On the road for success,
But it feels like figure 8’s
With a lot of boarded gates
Gotta find the right path
To determine my fate
So grab the keys to believe
And we'll succeed
So grab the keys to believe
And we'll succeed

D. Lee:
Grim reaper posted
With a scythe here
He don't fight fair
In this third dimension,
He turned me to a burn victim

Fill my mind with emotion and pain,
So I let my rhymes spill,
Fill my mind with emotion and pain,
So I let my rhymes…
Track Name: Hypnotic
She don't even deserve
A fuckin thought in my head
So instead,
Imma switch it to a different topic
Just to keep from gettin nauseous
There's this empty spot
In my bed
“Look what you said,
D. Lee I think your slippin caution.”

Never knew
It was so appealin to
Or portray a feelin
For someone that's fake,
Find a fill in
On the first day that it breaks,
Know it's killin
And devastates,
All hope disappearin
When you've been replaced,
Eyes tearin
And mind fearin what might await,
Never nearin
The cousin of death, I was wide awake
Listenin to OD,
It made me want to dedicate
This rap to you
And opposites attract, it's true
Yeah we were like night and day
But through all the differences
You made me feel some type of way
I told you that often
Because often I would contemplate,
Why you never thought you were beautiful,
Throw those thoughts away
‘Cause baby girl your far from the usual,
There's a shot to take
Out this Newport
Aquarium glass that you bought me,
Nowadays when I see it
Good times of the past do haunt me,
But I refuse to let it stop me

‘Cause I know I'm a person
Of something that's real,
As a kid all I wanted
Was some hope,
And momma’s meal
That's what I prayed for,
My vision so divine
Like, “Please,
can I get an extra-cheese
to the 639?”
And as time passed,
I got over that first verse
And accepted it as a curse
I’d reject it if it returned,
I'm past it
I just see it as another bridge burned
And the ashes
Are hopeless love
From the lovers that never were,
So I'm dashin
Or dream castin,
Tryin to catch a different vibe
And I caught it,
Now my energy is clashin with a dime
So sublime every time
I feel her touch,
Long nights in each other’s clutch,
We love to discuss
Our lives and the creation of the universe
The conversation turned to vacation,
I ain't even left the room with her
I just grew with her,
In an amazin and a special way
I can't describe it,
Let's keep vibin, baby
Let’s keep vibin
I play some Kendrick
While we kick it
And she click rewind it,
Continue kissin
While we listen
To his gifted rhymin
Break down the lyrics and I'll answer questions,
I can feel your spirit and my soul connected,
“I love your necklace,”
She said that my soul was beautiful,
She wanna see my work,
I told her step into my cubicle
She lay beside and tickle scratch as I begin to rap,
Start droppin lines
Then look her in the eyes and now I'm trapped,
I see a map
Of the shimmering stars above
And the sensation
That's takin over me is
Like hard drugs,
This is our love
Robert step your guard up

There's no need,
I know she won't leave
When the flow conceived
On a dope beat,
Only to set my soul free with
No fees, no teases
I own it, no lease
We roamin with no leashes
We’re growin together closely
Like it's supposed to be,
HipHop, that real OG,
I'll never forget what she told me
Track Name: Unstoppable
Droppin bars like a felony
Harder than the hardest,
Regardless of what they're tellin me
It's fire like there's hell in me
Find me where the devil be,
Developin your jealousy
You fellas be enveloped
In a cell that tell ya celery
Is hella needed
To excel the sequence
And be well at peace
Not peace and wellness
And helpfulness rather, selfish greed
Healthiness is true wealthiness,
Or you dwelling brief
I put my heart and soul
In this envelope, and I mailed it free
So my melodies are like boats
And I hope they sail the seas
No sale just streams
Not wholesalin my dreams uh,
I felt the mean
That you held on your self-esteem
That shells your self bein
When being yourself is the self meanin
I felt the grief
That you held in the well steamin
Dispel and melt cheeks
So we scream
Like demons when hells freezin
I felt the beat
Then excel with a well scheme
That prevails and reveals deep
If you retrieve it
Come help us sing it

Lately I've been vapin
And thinkin
I don't need cannibas
Just knowin I can,
Is like opening up a can of bliss,
My new girl, Hip
Told me smokin
Would only damage this,
Ship of relations
We've created
Since my channel switched
I can't admit
That I can submit
And abandon ship,
The way I was flowin
She know I'm the perfect candidate,
She can't resist
The legend, the man, the myth,
I reckon that these MC’s
Watch their steps
But they ran and slipped
Like Santa’s gift
I'm always present
When I'm spittin her,
Deliver her from evil
When the people
Kept her prisoner
No visitors
And death is
What they sentence her
So I had to erase it,
Retrace it,
To change the sentence up
Satan mistakenly
Thinking his hate
Could win this one,
Imma lift the curse
With a written verse,
Lee signature
Head game on sativa
And that body off the indica,
I can tell she's plottin
something sinister

Before I drop the music
Don't listen to it
I listen through it,
Makin sure that the density
Consistin of the remedy,
See a door
Kickin through it
Do it for your penalty
Simple beat
Rippin through it
Fluent like it’s me to be,
Mentally I prove it
Physically I move it
Genuinely till I rule it
Eventually don’t need them bullets
Liftin me
Just let me proceed
To make a livin dream
Stretch it like a limousine
Messin with the killa scheme
Stressin over million things
Tested by the builder’s brain
Excessive texts of brilliant strains
Went back to my silly ways
He sold it to me Billy Mays,
Told me it would heal the pain
That's scoldin through my veins
And make em colder so I'm chill again
Like shoulders when the feelin stain
The owner of the real estate
Zonin out while the rain
Is soakin up his windowpane,
Your chosen focus
Don't feel constrained or ashamed
If you kill the game
Variety ’s the spice of life,
So never let em steal your change

Alarm on the clock soundin
Like heavy shots that's poundin,
The drums in my ear
And it's clear
That I am no longer loungin
Stand up and gain my balance
But what do I find
Nothin because I'm legally blind
And it sets me behind
Opposite of prime
No Optimus my oculus lies,
Yeah my eyes
Is where the problem resides
Try to be prosperous,
Gotta focus like some binoculars
Get my profits up,
Unload thoughts
Like brick and block
Off the top of my poppa’s truck,
Hoppin off the porch
At a young age, I been brave
And it's obvious
That I got brain
Like a fuckin zombie does
Kamikaze pilot
I'm flyin into your monument
I believe we're equal
Just like a communist
But at the same time the people
Should be free like democracy
Ain't no Nazi but the topic
Of the government
Always ends with them stoppin us
But now I'm stockin up
‘Til my army is large
Look the man in charge in his eyes
Tell him try harder it's not enough

Break a leg
Like here's a crutch
And pretty soon
Imma snatch the game
Fuck grabbin a necklace
As an adolescent
Used to look at the crescent moon,
It made me feel right next to you
That's the same reason
Why I'm tryna build these
Connections through my music
Because I know I wasn't the only
Kid in the struggle thinkin he's useless,
So poor
Couldn't even afford
To give his fuckin two cents
Walkin home alone late nights
Just prayin someone would shoot him
That was stupid
Instead I'll pursue
To live my dreams like they was lucid,
I'm a prove it
Give em bars
Like the brother of Tucker Lewis
Another white rapper's heart
That's in the game,
Pray he don't lose it
Like my innocence
Whenever I sin and shit
In predicaments
Ask the pastor I'm the synonym
For sinner who needs improvement,
Until I finish it Imma do me,
For God so loved the world
And that includes me
Need a clover with four leaves
To produce a new Lee,
And truthfully I will remain
This is my heart,
This is my brain,
My legacy and I refuse to change
Rosa Parks, I will never move seats,
And it's to be continued
Reachin to you
Through this loose leaf
Go ahead and stress about my life
All day and night
I hope you lose sleep
Tryna get higher like balloons be
While they’re tryin to parachute me,
Either that or salute me
‘Cause killin shit is my duty
Track Name: Destroy
Just what you expected
Hard as erection
You can't deflect it
Better hit the gym
Your chances are slim call it anorexic,
You skinny
I'm winnin
Just stop pretendin
I'm not a hippie
Pray for peace and pray for love
Stop praying for a fuckin semi,
Automatic transmission
Times are hard when your band’s missin,
Can't even stop at a stop sign
Without having your fuckin van missin,
I guess there's no law
Forget what the pigs told y'all
Want to make someone your bitch
All you gotta say is no balls,
But no more
And for sure
Of course I'll take four more,
Or five,
Talkin bout the years of my life
You never know
When it's time to go
All I know is its time to flow
Olympic shit gotta get the gold,
20 sack gotta get it rolled
Like four tires
When I'm drivin down
The motherfuckin road,
I said I'm swole,
Swollen like no circulation
All these hoes perpetratin
For penetration
And they ain't patient,
Start upstairs
Then they get to tastin
What I'm keeping
In my basement,
You scared yo
I'm the captain like Jack Sparrow
Hit your bones
With bow and arrows
Leave em leakin bone marrow,
Two tone scarecrow,
So I crop you like a photo
If you not my type like proto
Watch for pigs when I blow smoke,
In other words no dynasty
But I stay duckin the popo,
Watch the corners
For suitcase magazines
Waitin to unload,
I gotta get it,
My description is mighty vivid
Like up close views
Through a scope zoomed
To the highest distance,
If I don't like it
Then I eclipse it
And block it out
While I'm walkin round this town
Where my name bout to be renown
And you know what is going down
Every time that I throw a noun
Or an adjective
D. Lee makin actions
Like an activist
Other MCs aren't passionate
They some pacifists
While we stab slash this shit
Their rappin is so inaccurate
We mattress em,
How could you think
That we ever match with them,
Ain't even I leave em bleedin
Like Neegan I put bat to em,
Mood killed that Lucille
Swingin and shatter em,
New thrill at the blue field
When battin practice lit,
Gag em and shackle fist
To stash em in the cabinet
Dump em where a driver ask em
Ass gas or grass bitch,
There forced to either hijack em
Or find a new path to hitch
But then that would be takin risk
Because they see a lake with mist,
Some Jason shit
I face a fifth and then take a dip,
Make a flick
Go and off your head like save the script,
Satanists praise this shit
Like the Sith praise Darth Bane
My heart pained from sharp razor clips,
Rule of two
I'm good and evil I rule the two,
Prove to you
This pool of dark power is dangerous
I paint the picture
Of a flower in caged abyss,
Waiting for the rain to hit
For hours just to take a sip,
Escape the pit
Once his strength raise to make its lift,
Make its hit
And drop it to the block so they can take it in
Imma bomb insurgent
Atomic verses
When Robert’s workin,
Rock the earth
With a zombie curse
Like my name
Was Rob Kirkman,
I got physicals and digitals,
Tron skirmish y'all turnin
Invisible when I pen this long sermon,
Wrong turn Hannibal Robert
The wrong person
To fuck with
When his stomach just throbs
And he's blood thirsty,
Scary as Harry murderin
Vernon Dursley With Ron lurkin
I'm convinced your swearin
Fraud words wearing Converses,
I just claw and gnaw
Easy through my attackers
All y'all saw 3D
The final chapter
I'm in the lead
Like McQueen
Thats an LED
Plus an ‘n’ then an ‘ing’
Get what I mean, no question
I'll leave em guessing
While he restin
So in other words
My flows are heard
In the depths of his dreams,
No medicine for the pestilence
I'm possessin
Get on the beat and possess it
Confessin it to the priest,
Enter my life it's time to strike
Like matches all on these mics,
A match with me might
Have you gasping for life,
Like a guy who took a leap
Off a high dive
And the bottom of the pool
Was right in sight,
Like a knife he cut the surface
There's no emergence
‘Cause he sees the light
My flows are ripe
Minus the E
So it's RIP
Like Whitney
You think you got D. Lee so simply,
I rip free
Then proceed
To break legs
And take heads
Then poke em on spikes
At the open mic when I'm flowin nice
Hopin that 3D
Really make y'all mad
I conceived a breathin monster
Like I'm Adolf’s dad
I’m gone
Track Name: Realm ft J. Sherb
J. Sherb:
We about to blow
The motherfuckin roof off,
Like we be
In the streets
And shoot off
At two dogs
It's J. Sherb and D. Lee
In the lead
Like Rudolf
Your crew soft
My crew hard
Like croutons
Who poop
On the weakies who can't rap
And snooze on
Our flow,
Like the alarm sounded off
But you still on the futon,
Yo we be on the beat
And dreaming of Tupac
We’re too hot like two cops
In shoot offs with do das
My shirts off my shoes off
Step up and you'll soon drop,
Your too off I'm too on
Like your girl on new cocks,
My flow hot my group hot
Like boob jobs and who thought
I’d spew hot,
Flows that'd be clean
Like my new socks
When you got
The skin that is white
As the tooth of
A model for new gum,
I chew on
These beats like a bone
I'm a dog and look
All the foods gone
So who's on
The menu
I guess that would be you, dog
I guess that would be you, dog
I been killin rhymes since
I was sayin goo gah,
I'm too raw
I'll shoot y'all
If you call my homie out,
I'll make you shout
Until you need a new jaw
And it's to God
I pray and say,
I need some moolah
To buy my mamas new car
Shoot y'all,
Have no idea
What she has been through,
All my love is for her,
Without her
There wouldn't be no Sherb,
So you got to know,
Why I do all my flows
Is to take what she gave me
And use it to prove y'all
A point that I don't need no math class
To be the motherfuckin ruler
Why you sittin staring stoned,
Like you lookin at Medusa

D. Lee:
You want to come to Nakomi,
Peep your head inside the door
See what's unfolding,
There's probably four or five
Hordes of rhymes scolding,
Fresh out the mind of ya homie
I'm keepin it locked like Goldie,
Don't approach me,
Until I'm done with my verse,
Don't try to coach me
Lord knows I don't carry a purse
But I cemetery the words
That I speak put em under earth
Watch me burn em all up to pieces
Unleashin this uttered curse
Yeah it's frequent when I'm superb,
Better cut to reverse and retreat cause,
You and your fleet just
Took a turn for the worst
And my feet,
Planted on the street
Like seeds in the dirt,
Going all out on these beats
There ain't no need to conserve
Yeah my name’s D. Lee I'm for sure,
That Imma beast when I hit the beat I prefer
To let it sink until it's deeply submerged,
You suckas
I put you under now your sleepin occurs
For the rest of time
That's infinity yeah steez has confirmed,
Rest in peace till He returns
As the great forty-seventh
One hand on hell the other on heaven
My grip is so firm
Enter my realm where discretions advised,
But don't get the wrong impression, my lines
Are just confessions
Of lessons I've learned
Like the question occurs,
Is she the right one,
Or is it her?
The one you think about
For five months,
Get dumped and then it hurts
Like you lost it all
And now you goin through withdrawal
And thinkin bout that body with no flaws
In a summer skirt, ugh
You try to keep your head tall
But it doesn't work, ugh
Hearts too far in the dark,
It entered enemy turf
That's where lucifer lurks
Yeah he's tryna purge your soul
For certain do as me
And flip the negatives,
Become a better person
Track Name: See D Massacre ft Devine Carama
Prepared for the worst
I stopped hoping for a cure
Stop drop and roll a blunt
Fire up like all my words
Bullets full of potential
To hit ya mental and curve
Through your cortex
To hippocampus a bird landed
And told em D. Lee’s disturbed
And he can't even stand it,
It relieves his planet of a giant mind
To find the time to write his rhymes
Deep as Atlantis,
The peak is abandoned but my incline
Is steep as Titanic in oceans of iodine
I die stranded
Me and Devine just dismantle it,
It's cancerous to the man
With a spiteful chant that wishin
That a vital slam would hit to,
Rash land the ship gasoline can bic
Lighter lit where this canvas is,
Fire spit spit fire sick the entire mix,
Liar quit
You gon tire quick with those spider kicks,
Itsy bitsy down the spout
Drown em out and smother him,
We was up and in
When you were down and out of advantages

Devine Carama:
I rap concious,
My hat’s common
But attack Carama,
I turn into black monster
With the straps stashed
In the black Honda
Mastered this art since Apple Jacks in the mornin,
A nicer black thought collabin
With a thinner Action Bronson
Who nicer than Devine?
You mice against lions
We sparring with tigers
When we writing our rhymes
I'm Ali leaving Cassius
On these beats when I'm rappin
You MCs weezin with asthma when we,
Weaving and jabbing
With a right hook combination,
Christ book bombing Satan
Might be an abomination
The way my wifey cook lasagna naked
She so exotic she attract legions of savages
With the flow I'm a prophet
They call Him Jesus of Nazareth
Game so dead my flow breathing the Lazarus
To resurrect
And fill in the Kanyeezy the Graduate
MC master,
Y'all see me shining?
Y'all can't see me rhyming
It's a CD massacre

D. Lee:
With Words so sharp
They turn stab victims
To rapparitions you adapt to livin
When your tracks smack like cataclysms,
Subractin ignorance,
Gon leave em pissed like harrasin siblings
Tackle the spittin like fishing
And pass catchers sprintin,
They asses crippling
Hitch a cab to a bad physician,
Rapid frictions for any bad decision
That you had envisioned
Easy pickings for the feast you fastin
Oh yeah that's the difference,
Between us reason I leave ya askin
In the past predicting
When Imma have assistance
With this business on its rad ascension,
If you mentioned
I would say that that's like a pastor sinnin,
A bad description of my shine and Devine’s
We the lions
Read the lines
Re-define what is actually Christian,
Mandala effect
You traveled time to the texts
When they were actually written
And you change em to lies and some threats,
Some establishment shit I'm dissin
His corrupt government,
All untold will unfold you ain't seen nothing yet
Track Name: Quantum Foam
Sharpening my thoughts like a Japanese Kendo,
Sitting in the middle of a room,
So silent
I feel my soul vibin to the tempo
I look out of the window,
All I see is fire in the streets like a Kendal
I can't retire till I reach my peak like a widow
Keep gettin higher I feel like I'm eye to eye with the Central
Bank building,
With one leap I soared across to the Hilton,
They asked “Who is me?”
I said, “Lee!”
I am the General,
I am the gentle, giant
I am the kindest
I am the finest
Who be raisin the climate

I am a temple,
Got a light on top of me shinin
I pray that it don't start dying out
My lifestyle’s so sinful,
And believe me I be trying
They lyin saying it's simple
Fucking hypochristians eyeing me lookin to get a fistful,
Prying on ya boy cause the way that he's been assembled
It's all about the love not about being judgmental,

In middle school my peers used to judge me for my pimples,
Glasses, super crooked dentals,
My self-esteem was crippled
But I'm past it
All the fuckin laughin, but I still I kept it passive
Even tho my initial reaction
Was to attack em,
Combat them
I wanna slap them,
And fuckin cap them
They always ask him,
“D. Lee why you rappin bout murder in your flow?”
“Well 'cause if not I would cop a glock and start murdering you hoes!”
Concerned to see your bro puttin these people in danger,
I drop bars with violent crimes just to relieve my anger,
Like me and my slimes doing drive-bys out of my LeSabre,
Clearing out blocks one house at a time shouts to you and your neighbors

I'm gon try to savor this energy while it lasts,
And use it to counteract
With the negatives of my past,
Been too many rainy days on my shady forecast
Held my head above the water using my craft as a raft,
Imma float on,
Yeah Imma get my promote on
Work harder than busy days at The Ketch whenever we're understaffed,
High as a bird’s nest my ideas about to hatch
Started from scratch like an infection,
Robert is a rash,
On the face of the universe
It just started with a crash
Primeval fireball, all the energy smashed
Scientist know it all chemistry and that math,
This rap is a bowling ball
It strikes em all
Like a match made in heaven

The day that I'm ejected I’m gon step into my home
God reminds me every day through quantum foam
He ensures me that through my trials I'll never walk alone
He told me his heart sparked and made the fireball explode
Said religion and scientifics shouldn't go toe to toe
That energy was His love it made reality unfold
I pondered it for a second then realized that I suppose
It makes sense

My brain shifts into a brand-new mold
It's as if I cracked the code
And now my heart is made of gold
And I know that your perfect
I’m hopin that I can show,
You that I am a good person
Who’s trying to serve your purpose
Forgive me my lord and savior
The serpent can take control,
Yeah the serpent can take control
He ain't the only snake in the grass,
That's why I keep it mowed
Yeah I know that last line ain't nothin original,
But nonetheless it's real talk and it came straight from my soul
Made me think about the demons
That came straight for my soul,
Without a reason
Except relieve em
Of Jesus that he holds so close and dear
Deer in the road,
I steered then hit a pole
My fear is growing old,
My tear is the Holy Ghost
Informing me my motive
Roasted a sinner because he chose
To do wrong instead of right,
Bring the dark instead of light,
I told myself "Improve your life"
And hope your health is still alright
And help your mom get through the night
And rock a show up on the mic,

Let me get back on topic,
Word to J. Cole right
Growing wings just like an eagle
Before your boy had no height,
I wrote a little something for my people and it goes like,
“We all equal!”
I’ve been praying for a sequel
To this life
‘Cause the other side is deceitful
Don't mind me
I'm just tryna dodge the evil
Yeah don't mind Lee,
He know Lucifer can be lethal
Track Name: Slow Leak ft Keef Hendrix
D. Lee:
This place where I dwell
Is killing me
It's like my
Energy is being drained
It’s a slow leak
I can’t complain tho,
I still got my circle,
No halo
And we up in the sky,
But we way low
My 3D is such a caged hole

I need to climb out
And really find out
What this life’s about and
What the fuck
Feel like I'm trapped
Within this map
I'm tryna find myself,
And on the way I found a sack
I smoke it, then my mind just melts
Crime itself has overlapped
I noticed that the night the cell
Was all I knew and solitude,
Reminding me of my calling, true
Now I'm stallin, flew,
Now I'm falling through,
And calling you
Even though it's causing problems,
I knew it
Hope and pray to stay determined,
I got a job to do

Everybody waitin on the mixtape drop
Got me under pressure,
I can hear the tic tock
In my brain as it sway
From the left and the right
As I speed
Like its grand theft wit my ride,
Don't step to my mind
‘Cause you just might trip,
Respect the perpetual vibe that you get
When aligned with this kid
I am the rich,
And I am the poor
I am the ceiling,
And I am the floor
Chill with a halo,
And kill with some horns
I am the calm,
I am the storm
Just read a Psalm
I'm feeling informed
And I lit up a torch,
Didn’t feel no remorse
Passed it to Vonny,
I guess he onboard
To the operation
Hard as pavement
Hot as Satan, contemplatin
The conservation of energy

Hate but it can never finish me
I'm am infinity
I am the city's serenity
Finicky not
Deliver intensity
Beat is an entity
Hopped out a cemetery plot
Deep as anemone,
In the sea endlessly givin me props,
But that nothin to me
Give me my space
And the homies that have been erased
And a day with my Pops,
So That I could just say everything I forgot
Look at the top,
And I see em all flockin together
There waiting for me to meet em
So that we can all walk in together,
And make it our spot
I'm Spock,
This a trek through the stars
Andromeda right where I watch,
Taking a shot for the sake of reality
Balancing right in this song
You know it's on!
Like its never been off,

Energy leaking like its an exhaust,
Slowly drippin but I caught I every drop
There's no limit to what I got in stock
Demand the supply that I guide this rock
With my guys as we ride through the ominous swamp
And I got it lock to provide for a cause
Which will no longer cost ‘cause I'm stronger with God

It starts as a slow leak,
You can plug the hole as you roam with your homies,
Embark with the bars steadily flowing
With your whole heart, not part of it showing
It starts with a slow leak,
In my old park so sharp when it poked me
Hopin I won't bleed
I won't anymore ‘cause I'm woke,
I’m the Whole Lee

Keef Hendrix:
Road runners...faster than Formula 1
Leave the scene messy like a white girl’s bun
Yea I fuckin kicks it call me Jackie Chan’s son
These other niggas scrub a dub dub,
Like a sponge

Black soul, black as coal, my heart is cold
The remedy keep my anger low, I never fold
Like baby clothes, yea I'm the shit, the smell is bold
Sixth sense I sense fear they gotta go

Staying down for all my squad like ten toes
You ride for me, I ride for you, I'm sticking to the code
And I ain't Irish but I'm fighting, you can call me Joe
There's only one of me and Imma keep it two zeros

One hundred reasons to see I’m glowing just like a beacon,
My flow reachin not peakin that shit they wasn't teachin
I leave you leakin, the preacher preachin, here comes the deacon
He's eatin peaches, he takes one look and start holy geekin

I know my niggas gon roll, you can call em roly polies
Twenty up in my pocket I'm ballin like Ginobili
Pay ya dues it's time for rent
Kush leaving that NyQuil scent,
Supa soak get supa drenched
Hangin wit the woes like lynch
In this game of life, swear only get a few hints
Pressure build producing diamonds
Got my dawgs like Michael Vick
Treat the beat festivities I got the sack it's full of tricks
Don't wanna hear shh shush ya lips
Money talks you whisperin

Hang wit us just bring ya noose
Stack it tall like Manute
Bro hold on, the dawgs is loose
You see the sign, beware the troops
I'm Gerald Green, Lee tossed the oop
Climbin high to reach the peak,
Searchin for divinity
To patch up this slow leak

Cause slowly it is killing me
Slowly it is killing me
The devil try to treat me like an orange, he started peeling me
Looked to the one above to get rid of the negativity
Scavengin so long,
Realized music started healing me
Track Name: Galaxy
My mind spirals like the galaxy we live in
As I ponder the purpose of existence
Hoping I can make a difference
For the distance of this planet, dammit
Right now I'm just too damaged,
Pass me another bandage
For my canvas ‘cause it's leakin
My innermost deepest demons
Need a miracle
I used to be a lyrical deacon
With Sherb frequent
At church every weekend
Never missed a service
Every time we spit them words of pureness,
The preacher preferred it
Don't need your assurance,
I live and breath with the courage
To follow my dreams
And my energy is a current
It's occurring to me
Flows burning
Like it’s in a furnace,
Since the day I started flowing,
Only showed signs of emergence
I'm learning the way of the peaceful warrior,
I used to rage often till I stoned like quarriers
Hone my senses
I hold like couriers
The message that they’re missin,
Then sprint through the corridor
For they catch em with wisdom,
I'm tryna save the victims
Who dwelling hard in their cages,
But I'm waitin
‘Cause I got my own bars that need erasing
This world is an equation
That I can solve if I'm patient,
Every answer be captivating
My brain till its awakened

Mind to the skies,
Eyes fixed to the fallacy,
Disintegrate limitations chaining
On my mentality
My father would be proud of me,
I know he's up above
Looking down on me sending love
From outside of this galaxy

Mind to the skies,
And eyes fixed to the fallacy,
Disintegrate limitations chaining
On my mentality
My father would be proud of me,
I know he's up above
Looking down on me sending love
From outside of this galaxy

The end is upon us
But I'm the start of a fuse,
I'm the part of the human species
That God wanted to use
As an example
That when we gamble
With darkness that consumes
Your soul and spirit
It turns into a monster
That just brings doom
So don't get confused
By all this positive energy,
I promise you the inner me
Is so hot it's giving off fumes
Locked inside me is a bomb
Steady blowing kaboom,
You would see a hole of despair
Looking at the wall of my room
But that's anger for you,
And I really need to fix it
‘Cause I can't afford to
Lose another friend
Gettin pissed
I swear that shit will sore you
Right up in your heart
And as that fuse begins to spark
I swear that shit will scorch you
And force you
To become forceful with your core
Making your values
Become way more remorseful,
My ways are warful,
My vision displayed
With a red haze
I see Hades portal
I will need to meditate
To keep these demons out my brain,
I swear one day
That I will be normal

Mind to the skies,
Eyes fixed to the fallacy,
Disintegrate limitations chaining
On my mentality,
My father would be proud of me,
I know he's up above
Looking down on me sending love
From outside of this galaxy

Mind to the skies,
And eyes fixed to the fallacy,
Disintegrate limitations chaining
On my mentality,
My father would be proud of me,
I know he's up above
Looking down on me sending love
From outside of this galaxy

I burn
Like a calorie constant
From all the souls that I've lost
And I'm exhausted
Turn and I'm tossin,
Embers in my chackras
Gotta rip another stage apart
RIP to Caleb Hallet,
Homie had the bravest heart
I chase my talent
Tho my days are dark
Staying sharp, harsh keeps piling
And these days are marked
The crazy part is
I could die at any instant,
Witness the start to finish
In only a matter of minutes
See myself as an infant
Who had grown into a misfit
Consumed by self-image,
And doomed if he doesn't switch it
So much to learn,
My vision blurred
In the 3rd Dimension
I need to see,
I need to breathe,
I need your attention
They say that I need repentance
And I leave before I listen
Lead by example,
Mr Sinnin Christian
Candle lit vigils
For the victims
Hit with symptoms
Of the sick minded,
This world is so twisted,
I don't want to
Put a kid inside it
Unless I have my own island
That's private away from pirates,
Tyrants and bullets firin
To take away from the vibrance
Evil lives beside us
And the key to survive
Is to strive to combine our minds
To refine our nation
And end the violence

With mind to the skies,
Eyes fixed to the fallacy
Disintegrate limitations
Chaining on my mentality
And Caleb would be proud of me
I know he's up above
Looking down on me sending love
From outside of this galaxy

Sometimes I find myself
Wonderin what my Dad’s feelin,
Like did you break through
The glass ceiling and have to seal it?
Do you know
If your son is gonna be mass appealin,
Realer than Kat Williams
Exposing bad villains
Killer like bad children
Growing to mad civilians,
Feelin themself
‘Cause cash reeled in
The last killin,
Ballin ballin
Bought a polo wallet
Saw some grown folk walkin
Fuck the popo
Give me all your cash to fill it
Dad you feel it?
Are my raps chillin
Like abstract snowflakes
On a cold day
When your jacket’s missin?
Do I have the symptoms
Of being the sickest,
Or do I need to see a clinic
For assistance with my sentence?
“Rob just rip it,”
They noddin with it
Be optimistic,
Kick the droopiness
And stay UPS
That's box delivery
While this rock is spinnin on axis,
I got a lot to give it
It won't be everlasting
When death boxes my endin
And unlocks the beginnin
Of steps walkin infinite
Compendium of my conciousness
Driftin with Gods provisions,
My passion and the love I hold passin
Through all restrictions,
And graspin all dimensions,
And adding on to the wisdom
I am one with the Universe
Just hear my soul
Consume the verse
At funerals
We assume the roll
Of a human hurt
But nevermore,
You can never
Tell me when my times up
‘Cause death is
Just a human construct,
I'll be outside of the galaxy
Track Name: CALeb
Let’s talk about the cake
Which you know I’m tryna rake in
Doing what I love never misunderstaken,
The work from the best,
LTO is what I’m talkin ‘bout
Bitch you ain’t even heard about
We got the whole fucking crew straight from Nakomi,
That’s ya girl bitch cause she probably fuckin know me
Better yet,
The whole fucking gang knows her
We all got in right after Robert
And you know its motherfucking thesis,
Know we all got,
Our motherfucking reasons
Matter of fact,
It’s not a reason it’s a passion
LTO gang always ready, never slackin
Turning heads like a hat call me Ash Ketchum
You know LTO’s gonna grind ‘til that mansion
One twenty-six years young in the speakers
Dog clear vision,
No fog
I feel like a bird when I’m soaring,
My wings, never stop enjoyin,
Can’t you feel the energy,
We never be desertin
Like the whole crew was hanging like some curtains
LTOs what I’m talkin ‘bout when you fuckin hear me
I got the whole crew and they always stay near me

D. Lee:
Yeah brother,
I swear I hear you clearly
And I guarantee your energy
Is never disappearing
You were always steering me
In the right path
Now your gone and my eyes teary
Think I might crash
My best lad,
No theory that's my facts
And it laps in my mind weirdly
Just hearing your life passed,
Like my Dad’s,
I just want my home slice back
Still send you messages,
Wondering what you'd type back
Always had my back
Insight when I write raps,
And you would give me tips
Like the homie took a five-pack,
Difference in the deliverance
So from your wishes to writtens
I transcend it to rhythm
And spit it to give it right back,
To this energy pool
Everyone swimming
Is intended to listen attentive
To the waves yeah, that's my splash,
You should fix ya lenses to the IMAX
Savior of the daylight homie set the time back,
Never had stage fright,
See it then I hijack
Wish I got that hang time
With you think my mind’s mad,
Yeah I could define sad,
But that's not my task
I would rather fight back
Hear me cut it like slack
Knife raps I recite latched
On your sight stab slice slash
And the bypass where they rhymes at
While my mic staff height passes
The flight class like Shaq after nice pass
In the sky lab with an ice pad I master
My craft yeah, I'm cold,
LTO gonna blow like ignitin glass

I feel like a bird when I'm soaring,
Victim of a burn
Still occurring with the soreness,
I will never forfeit
Know these words worth a fortune,
The current of the flourist
That I'm surfin with the verse
Exerting forces of importance,
Determined to restore it,
No choruses oh no the flow coursin
Through all my organs,
So gold like bro’s soul
In his whole recording and it gone glow,
Long Live Caleb Jordan Hallett,
Holder of the chalice,
Defender of attackers,
Authentic rapper,
Author with a passion,
Baller with a talent,
Heart full of gallant,
Far from the malice,
Often we relax talkin back on the address,
213 hurt beings with the sadness
Hard to look past when the darkness is active
Parked in the back
Where it happened just askin
Can't get it out my mind,

Homie left the Air Force
To care for my shine
Something’s not straight,
I tried to align
He had so much faith in my rhymes at the time
So I told him,
“Just think,
the answer is inside you,
if you don't find it
then I promise it will find you.”
Next day text came
saying that,
“It's time to
grind through your next tape,
homie I'm beside you.”

Leb thanks Leb thinks
Part of being mindful,
Sick type 1, type 2
When I write flu,
I prove when I type too
It's the right shoe
Fight through when the typhoon
Strike like Zeus sight pool
‘Cause the cycle of this life cruel
I school so it's my rules when I guide you
Time to
Be insightful
I supply you with rhymes stew
That's mind food
Homie let your eyes chew

I choose to win the game and it's blowout,
No holding out
When I show out
For my bro now,
So loud the whole town felt the soul sound,
Finna show crowds the threat till it's sold out,
Finna hold down the Lex like it’s a slow drown,
Slow down slow down yo that's yo crown,
Close mouth for the shit you bitches
Really don't know nothin ‘bout,
This is where the summit meets the underground,
Know the homie holding down
The LTO now the swag clothes out

Focus on the dream get my peoples out them trenches,
I’m in all game
I don't even touch them benches,
Fuck a timeout I'm a motherfuckin menace,
Lions comin in a minute
They say that success is at the back door
Well I'm bout to bust down the motherfuckin hinges,
I don't give a fuck
Chuck up
The I don't give a fuck,
Finger flyin high wit them pigeons,
Let another nigga see my sight
And that nigga get livid
Ooo my sight real fuckin vivid
Bars like prison,
All you gotta do is give me a beat
And I slice wit precision
Me and bro gettin it
Like sour shit
Yea you know that we spittin it
Chain gang,
Gold chains hang like a cliterous
Yea I know you feelin this
Hatin but it won't work,
Thanks for ya diligence
Know I'm deadly
Like the islands of Gilligan's,
Step up wit caution
Force like militant,
Wings always soaring
So you I know I got a vigilant
My eyes in the sky
Vision range is so limitless,
Had to pause for a second,
Fuck it,
Let me get back on track
I got the formula just like Similac
Gotta watch for them snakes
Hidin in em cracks
Oh shit you can't reach em
Like a back scratch
Won’t stop anytime soon
Like a fully automatic
You are just the string
Hangin off of the fabric
Ballin like Dirk on the Mavericks
Watch it disappear
I bring it back like magic
Spring on yo ass
Like a mattress
Von Keef the topic,
Throw you in a marsh pit
You better get ya coat boy,
I'm colder than the Arctic
Temperatures the harshest
Pencil in my harness,
Sting you like a hornet
Cook you like a Forman
Then treat you like a doorman,
Adios near the lion’s den
You hear the roarin
Young bull like Ben Gordon
I'm flyer than a comet
Send shots like bad comments
I’m not wit that nonsense
Blunt rolled so fat that bitch look like the Lockness
Take one for Leb just to relieve my conscious
LTO 4 life I promise

Feelin like a bird and I'm soarin,
All the love you gave me
My wings feel enormous
Man I feel you with me
Whether sunny or it's stormin,
Only with your help
Man the devil, I ignore him
Shit ain't been the same since you gone bro
Death comin like rain
Need a poncho
You know you'll always be the head honcho
LTO bars come in bulk
Like Costco
I live for your love
I live for your love
I know you up in heaven man I know you up above
I know that Imma see you
And you know I'll have a blunt
3 grams in the wood,
You already know wassup
Reminiscing on them days
We was vibin in the cut
Nissan whipping,
I just call you pick me up
Man them was the days
We knew how to live it up
Catch us at the party
With some gin up in our cup
Yeah pinky finger up
Like I'm sippin on white wine,
Fuckin with me,
Better be ready to fight mine
LTO gang,
Yeah we snapping on sight man
Well-protected, Operation is a lifestyle
Never lettin up man the grind is a lifestyle
By the time we done
Lextown gon be a pipeline
For this rap game, LTO gon be the lifeline
RIP Caleb Hallett

Tucker aka Lane Allen:
All the feathers on my wings
And I still enjoyin
Any weathers regardless I still deploy it,
Mr. Sawyer, I am Tom
Through any annoyance
My voice is too soft
Pick a choice up I toss
Breakin boys legs with the cross
And we do it for the lost
Like a boss not a single care in cost
I'm not gonna stop
Gotta rev it to the top
And I'm hoping he can watch
Need to turn it up a lot
Like I hop in the scotch
We the profits we the pros I deposit all the gold
At a fort in a forest
With his soul from the origin
So it's gorgeous and it's scorching
Know my fortune and the coordinates
Need no cookie for my portion
‘Cause we cooking all four courses
What’s your sources
We all strong as some horses
And my biggest importance is getting it for him

Yeah, gang’s what I live for
Ballin like Leb
Blowing smoke out the window
It's Kev and I spit cold
That's really what the team does
Flying in that spaceship
Scottie got me beamed up
Leb told me speak up
Now my energy’s tryna keep up
If I fuck a bad bitch
She'll bounce that ass
Til next week come
But forget a bitch
If she tryna dodge a pre-nup,
Running in these streets,
Gotta show em what the team does
So now I'm all around
And I do it like the sneakers
Never on the bleacher,
Glad I'm on Leb's feature
I was there when he spit the real
Off the meter
Tucked nine millimeter
Drop the roof rhyme realtor
You know what the fuck is up

Nizzy Neal:
LTO going up like uppercuts,
Got a nigga in his bag yeah, I'm ruffled up
In Leb I trust so I'm buckled up
The common storm never been so dangerous,
Posted like Jahlil on the block,
They say time is money,
So I’m stayin on the clock
Take no breaks no such thing as stop
Won't clock out till I know we reached the top,
Livin lavish
Walk on stage in front of thousands,
You know we got the juice,
So we sell it by the gallons
Chain gang and I rock a gold medallion,
Do it all for you RIP Caleb Hallett,
My bro had the sauce
Should of came with a salad
The realist of them all
You can go and check the ballots
Track Name: Devotion
I got
209 notes in my phone
Make this 210 if it's fluent
I'll post like Malone
Losing my balance
Scrounging for talent
I know that I'm boundless
For a cost I can't afford
It's lost and I never found it
Thoughts of malice pounding
My conscience knockin the loudest
If I spoke out of my zone
You wouldn't know it's like I mouthed it
Rose of the thorns
Resilient one in a million or countless
They sproutin out of a mountain
With a name I can't pronounce
I got that flame you cannot douse
With a thousand fountains,
Thou shall not doubt him
I only doubt myself
I felt as my mind clouded
Like hotboxing I melt
My friends boxed with Suboxone
And H damage was dealt
I stay dodgin the toxin
It hunts for the human pelt
Almost dropped Jocelyn my sista
Before she went to that cell
Learned a valuable lesson
So powerful you cannot tell it to no one,
Try to expel but can't spell it out
Expecto patronum
I'm by my lonesome
Just ponderin
‘Bout the pond
Where the swans are in,
On the surface there's peace
But beneath it is where the monster is
If I unleash it too early
It's sure to emerge a consequence
Imma hold it in till the apocalypse
I got this shit

Yeah I got this hit
Tell em it's nauseous sick
The only option is
To show the world what awesome is
Why you think I hit every verse like an arsonist
Fire in the booth
Like it’s the Brookeview apartments kids
Yeah I got this hit
Yeah tell em it’s nauseous sick
Only option is
To show the world what awesome is
I just want to take
The game home and foster it,
Polish it
I'm positive that hip hop is this

I got
So many brothers
So many others
That love and care for me
There for when I'm outnumbered
Demons are spirit hunters
I've had to overcome hundreds
I swear that they keep on coming
They lust for eternal slumber
Puff on this herbal budda
Blooming in early summer
When the birds chirpin
I'm curb perchin
And word dispersin
I put a verb on a shirkin
Watched it murk then recurved it,
Drop the merch and its purchased
No longer search for my purpose
In this mirthless merciless earth with
Curses and hurt
Devils in churches
To be divergent you gotta work
So my verses modded superb
Like a Murcielago swerve
I'm determined to mark my turf yeah
I got it those are my words,
Honest we on it
You not its
Can all get purged
Lextown Ops in this
Opposite of obsolescence and dirt
Clean as a clerk
Growing like spurts and blowing up first
The crosses go on our shirts
Like we've been knowing the nurses

I got this shit
Tell em I’m nauseous sick
Only option is to
Show the world what awesome is
Why you think I hit every verse
With my hardest shit
Target it with my heart
And then market to lift
The charts a bit
Yeah I got this shit,
Yeah I’m the hottest kid
Only option is
To show the world what awesome is
I just want to take
The game home and foster it,
Polish it
I'm positive that hip hop is this

I got
This like George Lopez
All I know is devotion
I been flowin since Nizzy Neal
Crashed the moped
When we was coastin
No oceans
It was Laramie Drive that KY
Can't spare the time just know this
If your LTO
Be prepared to fly like a GoldCrest
They cannot catch the culprits
That left no prints when they broke in
My mixtape’s a machine,
Every verse is a token
Of gratitude to my dreams
Until my heart stops like a code red
But I know death enough
To know that there's no death and we’re free
It's hopeless to be engulfed in stress
I'm so blessed to just be,
D. Lee,
3D the bars are crime sprees
Stars are rising
That’s all of my team
In Twenty-18
Are gon’ be named kings,
Follow thy creed
That's what you believe
I keep faith in you
‘Cause schemes are HD
Shout to KG, shout to Von Vee,
I'm not complete
Without my army
‘Cause they are me,
Tucker, Buckman, Nizzy
Let's start living largely,
Get to barging into parties
I missed the Greek life
I'm not a Harpie
My Gs gon’ ignite I'm talkin’ RP
Just keep the beat right
For David R Lee,
I've been the far least
To stop marching
‘Cause the heart beats
Gotta far reach,
You know that I got it
And I'm so hypnotic
And the flow is polished
On fleek,
Edge of ya’ll seats
To hear the don speak
It's been a long week
I reach the top peak,
I saw the false leave
And then frost seized
Give me hot please
‘Cause the cops freeze
Let the fox free
Just unbox me
Ain't no side b
I'm not Siamese
I'm just high key
Hype that I'm me
And my posse
‘Bout to cross seas,
Inside bright,
Need sunscreen
The number one team
That you brought me
LTO Gs, we the hot league
And we gon proceed to move with godspeed

Thank you